Use It or Lose It

Whatever the movement in our daily life, our body requires us to use our musculature. Strength training keeps those muscles strong.

Growing Bolder

Ten ways to live with purpose.

Getting to Know You

Turns out, our third baby is the happiest person we’ve ever met.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Tips for maximizing the time and outcome of your workouts

Essentials for Caregivers

The three critical frustrations caregivers experience, and how to deal with them

Guilt, My Old Foe

"I’d be at work, thinking about the babies. I’d be with the babies, thinking about work."

Living with Dementia

For planners, doers and creators, one day at a time is a daily struggle.

Stand Up in a Sitting World

Six ways to increase activity, and decrease back pain

Lessons from My Little Ones

We'd do well to listen to the life advice we give our kiddos

Strength to Thrive

In order for the people in our lives to continue to perform well, they need to take care of their bodies

Purpose In Aging

How can the wisdom we've gained over a lifetime be applied for a greater purpose?

Summer Signs

It's 9 p.m. and there's still daylight

Health is Wealth

“I may be old on the outside, but I am young on the inside.”

Stronger with Age

Truth is, people aren't weak or sore just because they're getting older

The Road to Our Third

Being pregnant is like hitching your best intentions and thoughts to the unknown