Pull, Not Push

Functioning teamwork takes patience and is a learned behavior. Give a little, or a lot, get a little, or a lot — seems logical.

The Power of Imagination

This uncomfortable time will make us better, but I keep coming back to the role imagination can and should play, taking cues from our children

Raised on Skis

The nice gentleman asks, “Did your parents bring you skiing as a child and instill this lifestyle in you, and now you’re doing the same?”

The East-West Divide

On either side of the Continental Divide, certain patterns of wind, sunshine, and snowfall make life dramatically different

The Up-Down Stage

On the joys of dining out with an 18-month-old wrecking ball

Embracing Change

How do kids understand change? Their oh-so-wise answers will surprise you.

Getting to Know You

Turns out, our third baby is the happiest person we’ve ever met.

Guilt, My Old Foe

"I’d be at work, thinking about the babies. I’d be with the babies, thinking about work."

Lessons from My Little Ones

We'd do well to listen to the life advice we give our kiddos

Summer Signs

It's 9 p.m. and there's still daylight

The Road to Our Third

Being pregnant is like hitching your best intentions and thoughts to the unknown

Untangling Hair, Untangling Life

Sometimes, things get tangled up. As a parent, you do what you can.

Ode to Oberlin

Wherein a huge parenting win on Mount Oberlin is followed by a huge slap of reality

Memorial Milestones

A mother marks life's changes by the Memorial Day weekend milestone

Our Original Baby

A mother's tribute to her original baby, Ryder the dog