Sharing the Gifts of Life Experience

Age brings change. Our energy levels generally decline, we need more sleep and multitasking becomes more challenging.

Pull, Not Push

Functioning teamwork takes patience and is a learned behavior. Give a little, or a lot, get a little, or a lot — seems logical.

Preventing and Treating Shoulder Pain

Among the most common problems I see as a physical therapist are shoulder pain and injuries

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

Quarantine gave us all time to think

The Power of Imagination

This uncomfortable time will make us better, but I keep coming back to the role imagination can and should play, taking cues from our children

Raised on Skis

The nice gentleman asks, “Did your parents bring you skiing as a child and instill this lifestyle in you, and now you’re doing the same?”

Limiting the Effects of ‘Hibernation Syndome’

Are you so excited to dust off your running shoes, bicycle, or hiking boots that you've forgotten your body is battling the effects of decreased physical activity in winter?

Kindness and the Value of Real Human Interactions

Our columnist on aging considers the pace of technological change in our society—and how human interactions will always be valuable

The East-West Divide

On either side of the Continental Divide, certain patterns of wind, sunshine, and snowfall make life dramatically different

Changing the Paradigm of Age

No matter your age, the quest is to find that place you were meant to be.

Busyness: Badge of Honor or Excuse?

The truer statement is, “Exercise is not important enough for me to do right now.”

The Up-Down Stage

On the joys of dining out with an 18-month-old wrecking ball

Train Through Change

You can still strive to maintain your health and fitness during the most uncertain and challenging times with these simple exercises that take less time than a commercial break.


Never will mindset play a bigger role in surviving and thriving than when a partner or loved one is afflicted with a neurological disorder

Embracing Change

How do kids understand change? Their oh-so-wise answers will surprise you.