Living Small in the Shadows of Giants

A village of tiny homes for rent at St. Mary Lodge & resort opens this summer

Montana’s Most Expensive Mansion

Two decades after luxury real estate development swept the valley, a grandiose island estate on Flathead Lake remains up for grabs

The Boathouse

Boathouses along the Flathead Valley’s many lakeshores are at once places of utility and icons of lifelong memories

Front Porch Living

Appearances have changed, but their purpose and utility have remained largely the same

Stained-Glass Winter

Telling a story of light and symbolism, illustration and illumination

Designing a Community’s Identity

As Kalispell continues to evolve as the economic hub of Northwest Montana, CTA Architects Engineers is at the forefront of designing its future

Living Full Circle

Montanans like Sean and Mollie Busby are joining the growing wave of Americans seeking simplicity in yurts

Garden as a Second Home

Fall is one of the most anticipated times of the year

The Mountain Lifestyle

For so-called mountain towners seeking solitude and scenery, there are few places with more options than the Flathead Valley


"Outbuildings can conceal their purpose, their history and their origins. Yet sometimes outbuildings may seem 'lost' and completely out of place."

Bring the Inside, Out?

Extending your living area from the inside out and allowing for continuity from an indoor space to an outdoor space is a great way to make the most of your household

Hit the Deck

Improve your deck and rejuvenate yourself

Lakefront Living

Some of the grandest, most expensive homes in Montana are in the scenic Flathead Valley, where the economy is improving and luxury activity is picking up

The Swiss Connection

From the Alps to the Flathead Valley via Glacier National Park


Once again, a popular architectural component