Montana In Focus

Photographer Bret Bouda has spent what seems like a lifetime photographing Glacier National Park and the Flathead Valley, but before he arrived in Northwest Montana he could not have been further from home.

Two Generations of Dunnigans

Andy Dunnigan took a different path to musical success than his father, John, but all roads lead back to where it started: a Flathead home filled with music and love

Madam of Martin City

The life and legacy of Mabel Lydston, a generous brothel operator and widely respected community leader during the Hungry Horse Dam boom days

The Pilates Reformer

Two decades ago, Delia Buckmaster tiptoed into a fitness discipline that barely existed in Northwest Montana and transformed herself into an internationally recognized instructor

The “Gem” Between

For 80 years, the Izaak Walton has served as a quiet oasis on the southern edge of Glacier National Park

Logger Pride

Libby's turbulent past met its hopeful future at a high school football game in early November, bringing a resilient people together the way they've always been.

The Vanishing of a Priest

John Patrick Kerrigan disappeared in Ronan 35 years ago, and his bloody clothes and car were recovered, but his body never was. The case remains unsolved.

Bridging the Gap

The foster care system always needs more foster families. For nine years, Child Bridge has been recruiting and supporting them.

The Seeds of Scientology

How L. Ron Hubbard's years living in the Flathead Valley and Western Montana shaped his spiritual beliefs and worldview

Legacy at Lake Five

For a century, the family that owns Lake Five Resort has grappled with what it means to live a good life on the lakeshore.

The Missing Piece

Could a swath of the B.C. Flathead Valley become a national park?

The Forgotten Legend of Nick Lassa

Lassa, a Native American from the Flathead Valley, played for one of the NFL’s original teams, the Oorang Indians, and wrestled bears during halftime, carving out a legacy largely overlooked through the decades

Plein to See

Flathead Valley painters, from amateurs to pros, paint “en plein air” to experience the wonder of Northwest Montana

The Sailor at Home

Fifty years ago, Robin Lee Graham made international headlines when he became the youngest person to ever sail solo around the world. Today, he and his wife Patti live a quiet life on the shores of Flathead Lake.

A Living Museum

For more than eight decades, Glacier Park Boat Co. has taken painstaking care to ensure its heritage is on display with its fleet of historic wooden boats