Running with Ancient Dogs

At Base Camp Bigfork, guests experience the thrill of mushing with the last remaining aboriginal dog of the Americas

Grieving Through Laughter

Sarah Weaver has combined tragedy and comedy in her webcomics as a way to cope with the death of her older sister 10 years ago

Wilderness Worn

Gail Workman, a longtime mule packer along with her husband Bill, embodies the spirit of the Bob Marshall Wilderness with a line of sculpture art crafted from used horseshoes

The North Forker and the Statesman

Over seven decades, Larry Wilson has watched the remote North Fork evolve in ways both obvious and subtle, and he has spent his life working to channel those changes to the benefit of this wild and rustic place he calls home

Speaking In Carvings

John Louis Clarke, an esteemed Blackfeet sculptor, found refuge in art as he overcame his deafness and muteness to produce a formidable body of work from his East Glacier studio

Three Little Byrds

An already tight family bond between Elyse, Julia and Liam Byrd has evolved on the Whitefish Mountain Resort Freestyle Ski Team, where their innate skiing talent and rapid progress give them all national ambitions

Who is Cliff Doe?

In October 2003, a hunter found a human skull in the woods near Marion. Seventeen years later, it remains one of Flathead County’s only unidentified deaths.

Eight Decades of Norm’s

Flathead Fault Lines

Northwest Montana has a history of small to medium earthquakes, and the potential for bigger ones in the future.

The Pickers

Inside the reclusive realm of Montana’s commercial huckleberry harvest.

Spielberg Comes to Libby

The famed director spent the summer of 1989 filming the romantic comedy-drama Always in Northwest Montana, utilizing both the scenery and the local residents.

Montana In Focus

Photographer Bret Bouda has spent what seems like a lifetime photographing Glacier National Park and the Flathead Valley, but before he arrived in Northwest Montana he could not have been further from home.

Abbie’s Way

Nearly 30 years after the death of Abigail Frederick, a luminous peace activist and the namesake of the Flathead Valley’s domestic violence service provider, her community recalls the impact she had on their lives.

Two Generations of Dunnigans

Andy Dunnigan took a different path to musical success than his father, John, but all roads lead back to where it started: a Flathead home filled with music and love

Madam of Martin City

The life and legacy of Mabel Lydston, a generous brothel operator and widely respected community leader during the Hungry Horse Dam boom days