Fast, First & Unspoken

In the outdoor playground of Northwest Montana, first ascents and fastest known times on local mountains are the stuff of humble and undocumented legend

Tunnel Vision

Hit the trail and discover the unique mountain engineering feat of Ptarmigan Tunnel

Dogs Have Their Day

An inventory of dog-friendly destinations, both for hiking in the wild and playing within communities, along with guidelines and rules

Majestic Migration

Witness the spectacle of thousands of snow geese and tundra swans taking flight at Freezout Lake

Jimmy Kimmel Talks Fly Fishing

The television host, comedian, and fisherman sits down with The Whitefish Review

Big Sky Night Lights

Embrace the darkness of winter and experience the magic of the aurora boraealis

Winter’s Water Wonderland

A diary of years spent on ice around Northwest Montana

Take a Dip on your Road Trip

British Columbia's Hot Springs Circle Route offers places to soak and play along a 500-mile loop, with options for day and multi-day trips

100 Days of Solitude

Amy Pearson’s writing and photography offer a peek into a life of silence and introspection at the Lower 48’s most remote fire lookout

North Fork Autumn

Find solitude along the western edge of Glacier National Park

A Rare and Precious Jewel

Exploring 50 miles of trails in Jewel Basin Hiking Area

A Decade of Cino

The two-day, 110-mile bike ride has evoked sport’s golden age for 10 years

Glacier Without the Crowds

Find pockets of the park all your own

Climbing into a New Era

The Flathead Valley’s rock climbing community embraces growth with new guidebook, bouldering park, and plans for a state-of-the-art climbing gym

Hike to a Glacier

Be sure to see them while you still can