Turns out, our third baby is the happiest person we’ve ever met.

Story by Sammi Johnson

With those first breaths, and even months and moons before that, I believe our children are already who they will be and grow into for the rest of their lives. Sure, there is a pile of nurture that sets in, but nature takes the lead. Maybe I’m wrong, but my three kids have proven to grow into someone we already knew, from day one.

Skeptical baby Savannah is now our kind, stoic observer. Maddox, our baby who always had a vast early quiver of words, continues to shine with his wit, silly wisdom and endless energy. It’s no different with Indy, our third.

Indy, turns out, is the happiest person we’ve ever met. She really is: not fussy, magnetic energy, easy to smile, which naturally makes others smile in return. When wearing her in a front pack, facing out, nearly every person who walks by immediately engages with her. They’re smiling, waving and communicating because usually her arms are outstretched in front of her as if she’d love to give everyone passing by a hug. This is matched with an ear-to-ear smile. They say hello first to Indy, then to me. I’m smiling along with everyone. It’s magical.

I’m grateful for her outlook on life. I admit, my pregnancy with her wasn’t the easiest, mentally or physically. Prepartum depression is a real thing, and I’m pretty sure I know what it looks like from the inside. I was ill. I was miserable. I was also fairly certain my toxic feelings and thoughts were poisoning my baby. Thankfully, I was wrong.

When Indy was born, those feelings melted away (thankfully instantly), and we were blessed with someone I want to emulate. Her happy eyes set the tone everywhere she goes. She is such a light and brings everyone around her up to her level. I give Indy all the credit, because I was doing no one any favors while pregnant with her. She was born this way, and I hope it never wanes.

She greets the morning by doing her happy dance/wiggle in the high chair after she devours a banana and as much yogurt as we’re willing to scoop into her mouth. You get the energy you give, and more often than not, if that energy is high, you get it returned higher. It builds on itself.

Indy doesn’t get bogged down by sadness from five minutes ago and only knows she’s happy now, which is what truly matters. She’s fully living in the present, living her best life all the time. As an adult, it takes mental training and muscle memory to be closer to this natural baby state.

The two big kids adore her, and she adores them and loves to interact with them, playing, learning and babbling. She lifts us all up when we’re down. I’ve even shoved Indy into another kid’s zone when they’re being a little nasty, and she wiggles her way in, sparks a flame and saturates the atmosphere. Works like a charm.

Sammi is a mother, wife and businesswoman. Contact her at sammi@flatheadbeacon.com.