By Jenna Anderson | Photography by Greg Lindstrom
The joy of summer has slipped past, and with autumn’s cooler temperatures arriving, it’s the perfect time to take your high-intensity workout outside. Crisper weather guarantees that you can enjoy the sunshine without a risk of overheating.

This fall, you’ll only need a couple things to ensure a 15-minute calorie- and fat-torching session. It’s always fun to get down to business, and a little dirt never hurt anyone.

Tire workouts are no longer restricted to strongmen and uber-lifters. Working with a tire is a great way to build full-body strength and explosive power. Add a hill into the mix and you have a fat-burning marriage made to streamline your body and build beautiful muscle.

Make sure you pick a tire and a hill appropriate to your level, but I promise you — you’re stronger than you think when it comes to tire flipping. You’ll be able to find an appropriate tire at most tire shops or places that deal in farm equipment.
Warm up and set a timer, and you’re ready to begin.

Tire Flip Flip the tire over as many times as you can in two minutes. For proper form, remember your deadlift form. Hips back, chest up, shoulders pulled down and back to activate the lats, chin tucked in, head neutral. Generate force from the lift up using your legs, lean in a bit, and don’t be afraid to use your knee to help get the tire past the pinnacle of the flip before pushing it over. Hustle back into position and go again. Hamstrings and glutes, not your lower back, should be talking to you if your form is correct.

Once your two minutes is up, put your hands behind your head and transition into Walking Lunges. You’re going to want to shorten your stride because your legs are tired, but lengthen it out. Step a little longer than you want to. Steady your breath and do 10 steps out and 10 steps back. Rest one minute. Repeat, beginning with tire flips.

Tire Burpees Stand in front of your tire and put your hands on it, jump back, do a push-up (chest to the tire, elbows bending to at least 90 degrees), jump forward, jump up onto the tire, do a squat, jump back down. Repeat. You’re going to do as many as you can in two minutes.

When the timer goes off, head up your selected hill with short, fast High Knees. Staying on your toes, keep your core engaged as you take as many fast steps as you can. Race it up and then bring it down with a slow jog. One round. Then rest one minute. Repeat, beginning with tire burpees.

Pop Squats Start standing in the tire. Squat down and explode upward, pushing off your toes and jumping up, bringing your feet to the sides to land on the tire. Hop back down, landing soft, and then go back up again. Do as many as you can in your two minutes.

When the timer goes off, hop to the outside of your tire for Moving Push-Ups. Set up in a push-up position. Do a push-up, maintain your position and plank walk your left hand closer to your right hand. You should be set up for a closer push-up. Elbows against the body, do another push-up. Move your right hand into a standard push-up position and do another.

Work your way around the tire doing this. Repeat, beginning with pop squats, but move the opposite direction on your second round of moving push-ups.

If you’re not pouring in sweat and feeling too tired, don’t be afraid to jump in for a second round. Otherwise, follow up your workout with a good dose of protein, rest and water.

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