A perfect place for a spring adventure

 Story & Photos by GREG LINDSTROM
Whether you’re trying to stretch your winter season or prepare for those tough summer hikes, this excursion will do the trick. For some, spring means preparing the body for strenuous summer summits. For others, it means squeezing a few more weeks out of winter. Maybe you’re a powder hound, or maybe you haven’t got enough use out of the snowshoes you got for Christmas.

Regardless of your motives, Glacier View Mountain is the perfect place for a spring adventure. The six-mile hike won’t eat your entire day, but the 2,500-foot climb will prepare your legs for tougher future summits. The upper portions of the trail will likely remain snow-covered until late spring.

The trail climbs steeply in the first mile-and-a-half as it switchbacks to the top of a ridge. Wait for a clear day, as views from the ridge look into Glacier National Park and the North Fork Flathead River basin. Black snags from the Moose Fire of 2001, which burned more than 70,000 acres, dot the landscape.

So whether you are itching for another romp in the snow or you’re anxious for some great scenery, Glacier View Mountain fits the bill.



Drive north of Columbia Falls for about 20 miles on the North Fork Road (County Road No. 486). The pullout is on the east side of the road, just past the Camas Road intersection, and the trailhead is on the west side. It is also labeled as Demers Ridge Trail #266.