Fieldheads Coffee Company, Creston

Every time I pull up to the Fieldheads Coffee Company roastery in Creston, I catch the incredible aroma of coffee beans roasting. I grew up loving the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen every morning. But now, this seems different, somehow better, a fresher, more complex aroma.

The roastery is a bright, clean and busy place. The process of roasting, packaging, and labeling seems non-stop. Still, Ben is always willing to talk about his craft as he keeps a keen eye on the drum roaster, making small but critical adjustments. This is handcrafted coffee.

Ben and Melissa Storest purchased the business from founder Peggy Sue Ennenga about two years ago. Started in 1996 as a small Internet café, with a passion for great coffee, Fieldheads has grown into an acclaimed small batch coffee roastery. With Peggy’s guidance and tutelage, the Storests have carried on the tradition with the same passion. Their coffees have earned high ratings from Kenneth Davids Coffee Review.

It’s a small batch roastery, but that’s not to say its limited in the different coffees it offers. In fact, the array of single origin coffee, blends and espresso is impressive. Fieldheads’ beans come from all over the world: Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Kenya, Papua and New Guinea, and Sumatra. Each bean has its own characteristics, and the roasting brings out the nuances and layers of flavor that make coffee so enjoyable.

Fieldheads’ blends cover a wide spectrum from the full-bodied Breakfast Blend, dark and smoky French Blend, Painted Lady’s full-bodied complexities, both sweet and buttery, my favorite Remember When, the dark roast Wild Horse, another of my favorites, and the Wild Mile with medium body and layers of flavor.

They call their coffees High Grown, and High Roasted. According to Ben, “The best coffee is grown at higher elevations and there is a firm belief in the world of coffee that roasting at higher elevations, like ours at 3,000 feet, is ideal for what we do.”

Coffee beans are roasted daily, based on the orders at hand, freshly sealed in special foil packaging which limits the time the beans are exposed to air. Fresh, really fresh being the key words here. Roasted, packaged and out to the customer.

The secret. Fieldheads is primarily a wholesale provider, but you are more than welcome to stop by the roastery and talk to Ben, learn more about what they do, and perhaps purchase some coffee. You can find their products at Syke’s, Harvest Foods, and select supermarkets. Glacier Peaks and Amazing Crepes both serve Fieldheads. And Montana Chocolate Company is working with them as well. Its website at is comprehensive and allows for online ordering. All orders are shipped the same day they’re roasted.

I hope you enjoy their coffee as I do, however you prepare it. This is another great Montana company.

Fieldheads Coffee Company
3955 Highway 35, Suite C