• The North Forker and the Statesman

    The North Forker and the Statesman

    Over seven decades, Larry Wilson has watched the remote North Fork evolve in ways both obvious and subtle, and he has spent his life working to channel those changes to the benefit of this wild and rustic place he calls home

  • Three Little Byrds

    Three Little Byrds

    An already tight family bond between Elyse, Julia and Liam Byrd has evolved on the Whitefish Mountain Resort Freestyle Ski Team, where their innate skiing talent and rapid progress give them all national ambitions


  • dog power

Running with Ancient Dogs

At Base Camp Bigfork, guests experience the thrill of mushing with the last remaining aboriginal dog of the Americas

  • 20201017_SARAH_WEAVER_308

Grieving Through Laughter

Sarah Weaver has combined tragedy and comedy in her webcomics as a way to cope with the death of her older sister 10 years ago

  • Gail and Bill Workman, Flathead Living Magazine.

Wilderness Worn

Gail Workman, a longtime mule packer along with her husband Bill, embodies the spirit of the Bob Marshall Wilderness with a line of sculpture art crafted from used horseshoes

  • 20200731_ANTONIA_0038

Trust in Walking

Local author Antonia Malchik published her first book ‘A Walking Life’ last year, emphasizing the relationship between walking and communities.

  • 20200728_BIGFORK_HOME_0349

Labor of Love

Dave and Annie Mulcahy have spent 30 years building a home near Bigfork with their own hands, sourcing salvaged materials from historical landmarks and thrifty secondhand discoveries to gradually turn their napkin-sketched blueprint into reality

  • IMG_1272

Pull, Not Push

Functioning teamwork takes patience and is a learned behavior. Give a little, or a lot, get a little, or a lot — seems logical.

  • 20201105_CIDERWORKS_254

Orchard of Opportunity

More than a decade after planting their first apple orchard in 2006, the DeSmul family opens Big Mountain Ciderworks in Kalispell's West Valley

  • Dan'l-Moore-FLM-Spring-2020-Mandy-Mohler-11

Snow Buffalo

Big-bearded tele-skier Dan’l Moore, who once skied every month for nearly 17 years straight, carries on a legacy of winter wisdom as a volunteer patroller and quiet leader in the snow-covered backcountry