• Abbie’s Way

    Abbie’s Way

    Nearly 30 years after the death of Abigail Frederick, a luminous peace activist and the namesake of the Flathead Valley’s domestic violence service provider, her community recalls the impact she had on their lives.


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Montana In Focus

Photographer Bret Bouda has spent what seems like a lifetime photographing Glacier National Park and the Flathead Valley, but before he arrived in Northwest Montana he could not have been further from home.

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Two Generations of Dunnigans

Andy Dunnigan took a different path to musical success than his father, John, but all roads lead back to where it started: a Flathead home filled with music and love

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Madam of Martin City

The life and legacy of Mabel Lydston, a generous brothel operator and widely respected community leader during the Hungry Horse Dam boom days

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Sweet Success

After 10 years of scoops, Marissa Keenan and Sam Dauenhauer reflect on the evolution and growth of Sweet Peaks Ice Cream

  • TravelersOasis1909_0310_TiffPrint

Lofty Ambitions Rooted in the Earth

The creative team behind this Cape Cod-influenced home embraced a challenging site and built into the hillside to maximize the potential of both the house and land

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Bohemian Rhapsody

Boho design, unlike a lot of other designs and styles, is free from rules. It’s OK to create your own version of Boho.

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The Power of Imagination

This uncomfortable time will make us better, but I keep coming back to the role imagination can and should play, taking cues from our children

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Corpse Reviver

New variations of cocktails are conceived during these times as well, including the Corpse Reviver No. 1 and No. 2

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Sowing Compassion

The Farmhouse Inn and Kitchen has modified its farm-to-table approach to ensure people in need during the pandemic receive food on their table, carrying on generations of generosity

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Snow Buffalo

Big-bearded tele-skier Dan’l Moore, who once skied every month for nearly 17 years straight, carries on a legacy of winter wisdom as a volunteer patroller and quiet leader in the snow-covered backcountry