Use It or Lose It

Whatever the movement in our daily life, our body requires us to use our musculature. Strength training keeps those muscles strong.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Tips for maximizing the time and outcome of your workouts

Stand Up in a Sitting World

Six ways to increase activity, and decrease back pain

Strength to Thrive

In order for the people in our lives to continue to perform well, they need to take care of their bodies

Stronger with Age

Truth is, people aren't weak or sore just because they're getting older

Power of Perspective

Our motivation will hit pleasant peaks and tumultuous valleys. Here's how to stay the course through the challenges

It Starts With You

Failure is success, and other lessons from a Competitive Edge coach

Tire Workout

You're stronger than you think, when it comes to tire flipping

Hip Mobility

Strong hips will help you perform faster, better, and longer in any summer sport

Elite Eight

Eight minutes, six weeks, one kickass workout

Winter Sandbag Workouts

A workout that will help prepare you mentally and physically for the demands of your favorite winter hobby

Paddleboard Workout

The best part is that when you’re hot and sweaty afterward, you get to go for a dip in the water and cool off.

Hill Workout

With this weather, the idea of having to spend any time inside for a workout is horrifying. The solution: hill workouts.

Fit Flathead Challenge

With swimsuit season comes the mad dash to "fix" your body. This year, I want to set you up for success.

Winter Preparation

Here are some of best bodyweight exercises and different ways to apply them to your chosen sport in a super-efficient workout.