Warm Up for the Outdoors

For the fitness inclined who have taken their health practice outside during the warm months, a few extra precautions will keep you enjoying the outdoors even longer

An Ode to Nurses

The Flathead Valley is big, scarcely populated, but still allows for frequent encounters with people I should know, but don’t.

Letting Life Happen in Whitefish

Rhona and Jerry Meislik

Reach Your Summer Fitness Goals

Now is the time to start making a few small changes that will assist in moving you toward your summer fitness goals

Shared Space

Usually an abrupt change from noise to complete silence is a warning sign

Branching Out to Lakeside

New Westshore Medical Clinic and gym expands KRMC’s reach in the valley, and brings services closer to Lakeside residents

Flathead Attracts Sought-After Specialist

The demand for geriatric specialists has far outstripped supply

Golf Your Best

Increase flexibility, mechanics and strength

Who Taught You That?

Sugar highs and adrenaline rushes keep the kids awake as we interact with our non-parent friends watching the same scene

Baby Boom

As the valley’s birth rate increases with the end of the recession, so do the options for expectant parents

Port of Call for Merle Parise: Northwest Montana

Merle clearly approaches every day with a sense of wonder, the desire to get it right and the passion to keep on learning

Ski Your Best

Make sure your body is prepared for the grueling intensity of your chosen activity

Survival of the Fittest

With the introduction of a second child comes the recognition of the changes in parenting.

What’s That Ringing I Hear?

Taking the necessary steps to tackle tinnitus

K.T. Thuerbach

A Pioneer in Business