Hill Workout

With this weather, the idea of having to spend any time inside for a workout is horrifying. The solution: hill workouts.


"Eighty is the new 60" is pretty much snake oil.

Discovering Your Place

Know the dirt, feel it under your fingernails, get your breath taken away

Digital to Dirt

Liz Marchi came to Montana 16 years ago as an evangelist for the opportunity that tech businesses offered in Montana.

Fit Flathead Challenge

With swimsuit season comes the mad dash to "fix" your body. This year, I want to set you up for success.

To Fall or Fly

Smart and stubborn, my daughter held the key to her own ability on two skis this whole time.

Living and Learning in the Digital World

Liz Marchi writes about how, despite distance, location and physical limitations, we have access to others through their stories, videos and pictures.

A Ski Family— in My Dreams?

In my dreams, we’ll be a ski family four-deep on the quad chair playfully arguing about what run we should ski next.

Winter Preparation

Here are some of best bodyweight exercises and different ways to apply them to your chosen sport in a super-efficient workout.

Mind, Body, Nutrition

As we age, our bodies need regular focus to keep muscles long and lean.

Let Nature be Thy Medicine

Herbalist Thomas Tracey has healed the Flathead with local herbs for over 30 years

Mobilizing for Winter

With winter sports right around the corner, now is a good time to add a few stretching movements into your workout routine

A Demand for Fresh, Local Food

The farm-to-table movement is providing more opportunities for farmers in the Flathead, and better eating options for consumers

Run Better

Add the following circuit into your routine a few days a week to help build muscle memory and stabilize your running mechanics


I have strengths that hopefully overshadow the lack of acute-precision hand movements