The Boathouse

Boathouses along the Flathead Valley’s many lakeshores are at once places of utility and icons of lifelong memories

A Gracious Welcome

In Montana we have nine months of winter and three months of company

A Natural Landscape Inside and Out

Home on Twin Bridges Road merges rustic and modern in the great outdoors

A Rebirth in Lakeside

Housing development revived after market crash, as the town pushes forward with its own transformation

Vinoture’s Vintage Craft

Furniture company grows in stature with sustainable philosophy and products made from reclaimed wine barrels

Glacier County Honey Co.

Greg and Courtney Fullerton are in the business of beekeeping. Based out of Babb, a small community nestled along the eastern border of Glacier National Park, the husband and wife duo extract and bottle honey and make beeswax products, including candles and Christmas ornaments.

Conversation with Flathead Community Foundation Executive Director Lucy Smith

This year the Flathead Community Foundation is celebrating 10 years as a public nonprofit organization that connects donors with a variety of charitable groups and causes in the valley.

Front Porch Living

Appearances have changed, but their purpose and utility have remained largely the same

Simplify Your Life

Eliminating clutter will add to your peace of mind

Stained-Glass Winter

Telling a story of light and symbolism, illustration and illumination

Baby, it’s Cold Outside

Cold winter weather, along with short, hectic days require us to find comfort inside our own homes.

Designing a Community’s Identity

As Kalispell continues to evolve as the economic hub of Northwest Montana, CTA Architects Engineers is at the forefront of designing its future

Living Full Circle

Montanans like Sean and Mollie Busby are joining the growing wave of Americans seeking simplicity in yurts

Garden as a Second Home

Fall is one of the most anticipated times of the year

Got a Light?

Create a balanced, visually comfortable space