Elk, Three Ways

Because it's fall

Waffles, Three Ways

Sweet & savory waffles hit the spot—morning, noon, or night

Lemon, Three Ways

This sweet and sour citrus makes every dish brighter

Pineapple, Three Ways

Brighten a cold winter day with some pineapple

Butternut Squash, Three Ways

It's fall. Cook up some butternut squash.

Tomatoes, Three Ways

The essential summer ingredient

Cod, Three Ways

For tasty cod dishes all summer long

Goat Cheese, Three Ways

Do you need another reason to love goat cheese? How about three? These recipes make good use of your favorite cheese

Butternut Squash, Three Ways

Simple ingredients to make awesome dishes with butternut squash.

Rainbow Trout, Three Ways

Rainbow trout is about as ubiquitous as bison on Montana menus

Kohlrabi, Three Ways

Three kohlrabi recipes from Three Forks Grille Head Chef Chris DiMaio

Eggplant Three Ways

Eggplant parmesan and beyond

Zucchini! Three Ways

Hopefully these recipes will help you make use of all the different sizes that zucchini offers

Winter Squash

While often overlooked in the market, winter squash is and should be making a comeback.

Beets, Three Ways

Three original recipes crafted at Three Forks Grille