The Big Bend

The world never seems as full of possibilities as it does when you’re in college

One Foot at a Time

Exploring the Swan’s vast network of hiking trails

Sentinel of the Water

The Whitefish Lake Institute celebrates 10 years as a nonprofit devoted to preserving and studying a community centerpiece

Montana Packraft

Explore further with Whitefish company’s packable rafts

The Ultimate Glacier Weekend

Check off your entire GNP bucket list

Rediscovering Flathead Lake

A guide to exploring the remarkable body of water that brought many of us here but too often gets lost in the bustle of summer

An Education in Adventure

At the RIDGE Mountain Academy near Whitefish, student-athletes from across the country are receiving an offbeat education meshing together adventure sports, academics and life skills in the surrounding outdoors

Ready for Take Off

I conceived “Ready for Take Off” while watching a heron fishing at the edge of a pond. Some years ago, I had the pond on our land stocked with one thousand native westslope cutthroat trout.

Where the Wild Things Are

With the arrival of spring, Montana’s vast populations of animals and birds reemerge on the landscape

Easter on the Prairie

By the fourth time Terry’s truck veered off the dirt road’s higher ground and into the deep ruts that he was trying to avoid, I realized he was drunker than I had imagined.

Chasing Ice

My favorite skating rink doesn’t have A roof, boards, fee or schedule because I choose a lake, pond and occasionally a river instead 

Powder Hunt

Shredding the vast, abundant backcountry with Great Northern Powder Guides

Evolution of Gear

These images show how gear has evolved in recent decades, when exploring the outdoors for the sake of adventure has gained popularity.

A Road Less Traveled

In the remote North Fork of the Flathead River, the century-old Polebridge Mercantile will offer respite from winter’s isolation and the escape from the pace of life on the grid

Deer Dream Causes Death

Excerpt from Death in the Valley: Odd Tragedies in the Flathead Valley, Montana 1887-1917