Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Tips for making outdoor excursions with babies and children both enjoyable and safe

Vertical Venture

Local climber Joel Anderson establishes ice climbing guide service

River Lessons

An excerpt from Whitefish Review’s issue #24 “Awakenings & Our Teachers.”

Beauty of the Burn

Wildfires can be terrifying and tragic, but in the aftermath, life rises from the ashes

Farewell Glaciers

Every summer, I feel an urge to connect with Montana's glaciers

The Mountain Millers

For Brian Miller, the face of the Herron Half Marathon, running is all about time on a trail. Now he’s passed that love on to his sons, to the benefit of the Flathead running community.

Connecting with Glacier Park’s Past

What to do in Glacier National Park while everyone else is hiking

Whitefish Review: Interview with Yvon Chouinard

From the literary journal's archives 

Step by Step

Make 2019 a year to remember on the trails, no matter your level of experience, beginning with spring preparations

An Ecological Treasure

Since the 1980s, Flathead Lake Biological Station ecologists and other researchers have been rigorously studying Nyack Flats, a remarkable floodplain brimming with prehistoric insects, some living underground

Frozen and Freewheelin’

A full serving of the annual Chili Con Cheeno hits the spot for Flathead Valley adventurers during winter’s coldest days

Among the Trees

Snow Bear Chalets, brought to life by 150 craftspeople and complex engineering ingenuity, are recognized as one of Time Magazine’s World’s Greatest Places

Larch Laboratory

An invaluable forestry resource quietly grows right in the Flathead Valley’s backyard

Finding Refuge in Wild Places

The region’s wildlife refuges and waterfowl production areas are essential destinations for bird and animal watching, fishing, hunting and basking in gorgeous autumn scenery

Art, Antlers & Adventure

Aaron Bork has combined his passions for antlers and art into a craft that is raw, wild and beautiful