• Remarkable Rivers

    Remarkable Rivers

    For 50 years, the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act has protected segments of America’s “outstandingly remarkable” rivers. Here’s why the forks of the Flathead River are counted among the country’s most extraordinary streams.


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Land and Labor: The Siderius Legacy

At age 86, more than 50 years after making front-page headlines by rolling a 25-ton bulldozer off Going-to-the-Sun Road 350 feet down a mountainside, Charles Siderius still shows up for work each day

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Montana Glam

This thoughtfully designed home seamlessly combines rustic with glamorous

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Health is Wealth

“I may be old on the outside, but I am young on the inside.”

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Stronger with Age

Truth is, people aren't weak or sore just because they're getting older

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History With a Modern Twist

The Belton Chalet is one of the oldest properties in West Glacier but a meal there is steeped in contemporary cuisine

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Service from the Saddle

Forty-five years after the first Back Country Horsemen chapter formed in Columbia Falls, members across the nation remain faithful to the founding

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For Bees’ Sake

Local commercial and hobbyist beekeepers continue to better their practices in order to promote healthy, happy bee colonies