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Free as the Byrds

For generations, one of the Bad Rock Canyon’s most prominent families has been forging its own path and dealing gracefully with every unexpected challenge

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The World’s Greatest Floods

During the last ice age, Glacial Lake Missoula unleashed the most powerful floods ever recorded, shaping the landscape from western Montana all the way to the Pacific Ocean

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Dan the Bear Man

A pioneer in his field, Dan Carney closes out a distinguished three-decade career as Blackfeet tribal bear biologist, navigating a tricky reservation landscape of 40,000 cows, unique laws and roaming grizzlies

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Not Just Child’s Play

For nearly two decades, the Bigfork Playhouse Children’s Theatre has been teaching kids every nuance of the magical world of theater

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Resurrecting the American Frontier

At the Bad Rock Settlement museum, Stu Sorensen provides a detailed glimpse of Northwest Montana as it was in the mid 1800s to early 1900s

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Hard Work and Humble Beginnings

Drawing inspiration from unlikely sources like the Quonset hut while using cutting-edge building and design concepts, this stunning home was a challenge well worth the effort

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Guilt, My Old Foe

"I’d be at work, thinking about the babies. I’d be with the babies, thinking about work."

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Sustainable Sushi

Chef Tony Tran at Kalispell’s Blue Samurai Bar and Grill serves the ocean’s most endangered delicacy with freshness and conservation in mind

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An Ecological Treasure

Since the 1980s, Flathead Lake Biological Station ecologists and other researchers have been rigorously studying Nyack Flats, a remarkable floodplain brimming with prehistoric insects, some living underground

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Frozen and Freewheelin’

A full serving of the annual Chili Con Cheeno hits the spot for Flathead Valley adventurers during winter’s coldest days

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Among the Trees

Snow Bear Chalets, brought to life by 150 craftspeople and complex engineering ingenuity, are recognized as one of Time Magazine’s World’s Greatest Places