• Spring Motivation

    Spring Motivation

    Elite athletes are hidden among us. They have day jobs and bills and homework. But they also have something that makes them a little different. Let’s find out what it is.

  • Sean Averill’s Breakthrough Year

    Sean Averill’s Breakthrough Year

    Downtown Whitefish hotel and Second Street subdivision expected to break ground in 2015

  • A Forgotten Building Worth Saving

    A Forgotten Building Worth Saving

    Group hoping to restore ‘Old Main’ veterans’ home in Columbia Falls, which opened in 1896 and was abandoned in 1970


  • Man of Steel

Man of Steel

Bigfork blacksmith Jeffrey Funk is working to keep his trade’s ancient skills alive, and working on a plan for the 28,000 pounds of Old Steel Bridge in his backyard

  • element

In Our Element

Portraits of Montana’s workers and the tools they use to do their jobs

  • liz

A Lot About Bob

Mentors matter at every stage of life. When I began dealing with my parents’ aging as well as my own, I looked for a mentor.


Why the Pants?

No pants? No problem. That’s how I feel after the never-ending arguments I have with my children

  • pumpkin bread pudding

Winter Squash

While often overlooked in the market, winter squash is and should be making a comeback.

  • Big Mountain

Big Mountain

The skiing isn’t the only attraction on Whitefish’s legendary ski hill

  • Whitefish Review

Easter on the Prairie

By the fourth time Terry’s truck veered off the dirt road’s higher ground and into the deep ruts that he was trying to avoid, I realized he was drunker than I had imagined.

  • ice

Chasing Ice

My favorite skating rink doesn’t have A roof, boards, fee or schedule because I choose a lake, pond and occasionally a river instead 

  • Evolution of Gear by Mandy Mohler

Evolution of Gear

These images show how gear has evolved in recent decades, when exploring the outdoors for the sake of adventure has gained popularity.